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An Islamic Education Community Center

About Quba Center

Quba Center is an Islamic Education and Community Center where we serve the community through spiritual, educational and developmental programs.  Our goal is to provide an environment where kids, youth and adults develop a strong bond with the local Islamic center and build strong relationships with one another in the community while building strong Muslim identity through our programs and services.

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Our Mission and Focus

Our mission is to serve the Creator by empowering the Muslim community to contribute to the betterment of society while fostering the ideal Muslim identity through spiritual, educational, and developmental programs.

Our focus is the Muslim community in the ‘broader Ashburn’ area. Our definition of community includes entire family & kids. We want to focus on Elementary School and kids and youth activities to increase the ‘sense of community’

Services We Offer

For the Kids, Youth and Adults

Preschool & Elementary

Academic Year 2021-2022 Planning In-Progress. Pre-school, Pre-K, KG in a 'Montessori-like' program. High Teacher-Student Ratio....

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Community Education

We offer many community lectures and talks around Quran, Hadith, Islamic History and various other...

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Family Services (New!)

We offer Nikkah, Family and Marriage Services including Family Counseling (pre-marital and other).

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Social Services

We offer Food Box Drives, Serve a Meal Program, Zakah Financial Assistance and many other...

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Prayer Services

We are currently not a full-time masjid and ONLY offer Daily Far/Isha as well as...

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Youth Programs (New!)

We offer Youth Mentorship & Leadership program, Youth Empowerment programs, Youth Volunteering Activities, Sports activities,...

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Kids Islamic Education Evening & Weekends

Ages 3+ Personalized Quran, Islamic Studies and Arabic Program; Weekdays and Weekends

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Community Events

We offer many events such as Eid Festivals, Family Nights, Kids Fun Programs, and Community...

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Meet Our Board Members

AbduRahman Idris


Abdel-Rehman Elridi

Vice Chairman

Khurram M. Shah

Board Member and Treasurer

Mohammad Zaher

Board Member

Khalid Iqbal

Board Member

Meet Our Teachers

Abdel-Rehman Elridi

Office and Quran Program Administrator / Head Teacher

Farah Bhatti

Preschool, Pre-K Lead Teacher

Huma Ahmed

Preschool, Pre-K Assistant Teacher

Laamia Khatib

KG Lead Teacher

Meet Our Administration Staff

Abdel-Rehman Elridi

Office and Quran Program Administrator / Head Teacher

The Pillars of Islam

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  • Shahadah

  • Salah

  • Sawm

  • Zakat

  • Hajj


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