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Quba Center is a Registered 501(c)(3) organization, Tax ID 83-0626326. Please see our financials below

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Quba Center is your local Islamic Community & Education Center! Alhumdulillah, We are completing our 2 years at the current location in April 2021.

By the grace of Allah swt, we have been able to provide community and education services to the community throughout the pandemic year up until now. We have been running on low donations and very low income from our programs. Now, as we try to open our programs and services this coming year, we NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Jazakallahu Khairun for your generous donations during Ramadan 2021.  Please scroll to the bottom for our donor financial reports.  We have updated our goals below for the remainder of the year.  Please 

Please help us reach our goal.

Projects: Counseling & Reception Office (sadaqah)

  • 3 Donors
$ 115.00 Raised

Projects: Addnl Bathroom (sadaqah)

  • 1 Donors
$ 2,500.00 Raised

Projects: Preschool & Quran Classroom Furnishing (sadaqah)

  • 3 Donors
$ 2,240.00 Raised

Projects: Sisters Overflow Musullah Carpet (sadaqah)

  • 4 Donors
$ 3,590.00 Raised

Operations (Sadaqah) Remaining 2021 Goal

  • 9 Donors
$ 1,355.00 Raised

Zakah Remaining 2021 Goal

  • 2 Donors
$ 240.00 Raised

Expansion Remaining 2021 Goal (Sadaqah)

  • 0 Donors
$ 0.00 Raised

Why Support Quba Center?

We kept our doors open to the masjid and salah services starting May 2020 with strict COVID guidelines, which allowed the community to satisfy their obligations and stay connected, spiritually. This initiative was appreciated by entire NOVA community beyond Sterling/Ashburn area. We expanded our community by manifolds. Keep in mind, we were low on our donations and revenues from school and classes, however, we strived to provide the required religious services to the community because it was the NEED FOR THE HOUR.

Alhumdulillah, today we have Kids after school and weekend Islamic Studies, Arabic and Quran programs. We have daily Far/Isha salah and multiple Friday prayers. We have many halaqahs and duroos online. We have expanded our Social Services program during the pandemic to serving hot meals to the community, grocery food boxes as well as Financial Assistance directly.

We need your support so we can fully open our programs and services this upcoming year. We are also introducing new programs and services, that need your support. Please help us reach our goal

You can also pay us using ZELLE, which is an easy way to send money directly between almost any U.S. bank accounts typically within minutes. When using Zelle, please use following email addresses to send your donation by type:

Operations (Sadaqah):



Quba Center is a Registered 501(c)(3) organization, Tax ID 83-0626326.

Our Financials

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