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Kids Summer Camp

Kids Summer Camp 2021

Quba’s Kids Summer Camp is finally here!

Summer Camp Duration: 5 weeks
Dates: Jun 21 to Jul 29
Fees: One-time Registration Fee — $20

SECTION 1 (Ages 5 to 10) Cost for entire Summer Camp — $450
SECTION 2 (Ages 10 to 15) Cost for entire Summer Camp — $490

(includes 2 field trips charges)

Camp for Ages 5 to 10 (separate age groups will be created)
5 Themes; 1 for each week

  • Palestine and Aqsa
  • Muslim Manners
  • Hajj
  • 4 Guided Khulafas
  • Knowing Allah

Plus Hands on Arts and Crafts; memorize short surah (1 each week)

Specific to Ages 10-15
Special Themes: Making Positive Impact
Plus Hands on Workshops in Each: Carpentry, Graphic Design and Career Overview

7 Habits of Success spread out thru 5 weeks – certificate at end

Please see the registration process below:

Registration Process

Please fill out the Registration Package below.  It Includes the Following Sections:

A.   Registration Form

B.  COVID-19 Terms and Conditions

C.  Enrollment Agreement Terms and Conditions


Please fill out all the sections, associated questions and fields in this package in its entirety.  Please submit the following items  along with the registration package or after submission either in person or by mailing to  If you have registered your child with Quba before, items below can be used.  Please email us to confirm.

1. A recent passport size photo of the student

2. Original birth certificate and one photo copy

3. Check or credit card for for tuition submitted during registration hours

4. Letter from previous academic year school on updated Health Form or school health form completed by a physician


Registration Hours: TBD

22149 Davis Dr, Suite 180, Sterling, VA 20164

Please schedule an Appointment by emailing

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